Jute Geotextile in roads


     As Green House Gases (GHG's)  are threatening the existence of life on this planet,there is a great need of use of natural resources in every industry including Construction which are degradable without causing any unbalance in environmental gases.

One such material which we can use for road construction is JUTE GEO TEXTILE (JGT).
This article gives a brief importance of using JGT in construction of roads especially in India.

>>  India is the biggest stakeholder with 1.554 million tons of jute in the world as found preliminary in financial year 2012-2013.

>>  Tensile stresses developed due to the repetitive wheel action within the pavement interfaces i.e Sub-grade, sub-base, base course are reduced due to JGT layer placed above the sub grade.

>>  JGT layer separates the sub-grade layer from sub-base  thus preventing the punching of the base or sub-base material into the sub-grade.

>> Since JGT  is a natural geotextile, it decays in two season cycles.
Durability of JGT beyond two season cycles is not at all a technical necessity, as soil reaching the maximum dry density becomes self-reliable. 

>>  The main role of JGT is to act as a catalytic layer or as a change agent for improving the engineering property of the soil.

>>  It also acts as filter-drain within its thickness.

>>  Inclusion of JGT increases the strength ( Unconfined compressive strength, bearing capacity, CBR value, etc., significantly.

>>  It helps in the improvement of elastic modulus of soil, due to reorientation of soil mass which caused due to occupying voids by fines under pressure separated by JGT in layers.  

Source : Article on jute geotextile in IRC magazine Nov. 15

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