what is Trenchless Technology?

 Have you ever seen laying of pipes without digging earth or disturbing roads. The Revolutionary concept of Trenchless Technology is the one with which you can achieve the latter.

                                        image courtesy: Aftab Uzzaman

The conventional methods used to lay pipes,other transmission materials and for repair or replace works consumes alot of time, money, and traffic conjestions. This is because these methods involves the framework like managing the traffic flow, trench excavation and shoring, backfilling and compaction operations, bypass pumping systems, and reinstatement of the surface.

Trenchless Technology is mainly divided into two: Trenchless Construction Methods (Pipe jacking, Utility  and Trenchless Renewal Methods.

                                 Hand mining. (Courtesy of Akkerman Corporation.)


1) With trenchless technology, hundreds of feet of sewer line can be replaced or repaired completely underground without the need to remove trees, trench the ground, or knock down structures that may lie in the path of the existing sewer line that needs replacing.

2) Use predetermined paths provided by existing piping, reducing the steering and control problems associated with new routing.

3) Require less space underground, minimizing chances of interfering with existing utilities or abandoned pipes.

4) Provide the opportunity to upsize a pipe (within the technology limits) without open-trench construction.

                                                      source : Joel Raskin

5)Require less-exposed working area, and therefore, are safer for both workers and the community.

6) Eliminate the need for spoil removal and minimize damage to the pavement (the life expectancy of pavements have been observed to be reduced by up to 60 percent with dig-up repairs), and disturbance to other utilities.

With minimal digging required, trenchless technology is rapidly becoming the preffered method of rehabilitating aging, failing underground sewer infrastructure for cities, towns, businesses, and homeowners across the country and around the world. 
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