Top 10 Biggest construction companies in the world

Top Construction Companies list

Not just ranking companies based on how much profits they are making or how many projects are ongoing, we indexed these companies based on the amazing work they are doing which is accounting for the development of various nations across the world and innovative paths in which they are making strides.

Even though, we numbered the companies from 1 to 10, It is appropriate to say that all of these companies are huge enough not to be compared.

1) Vinci

Founder: Alexandre Giros and Louis Giros
Founded in: 1878

What makes this company the best:

It is the oldest construction company and function since last 115 years. It is the first largest company to make the largest revenue. It provides the service worldwide.
Revenue: The Vinci Company of UK makes Revenue of €38.1 billion per annum.
Turnover: The total turnover of the company over a year is €38.7 billion.
Contact no: +44(0)1923233433
Headquarters: Rueil-Malmaison, France
Subsidiaries: Eurovia, Vinci Autoroutes, Cegelec

biggest construction companies
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2)Grupo ACS

Founder: Florentino Perez
Founded in: 1997, Madrid, Spain

What makes this company the best:

The Company focuses on the development of Facility Management. It is engrossed in construction and maintenance of energy, industrial and mobility infrastructures.
Revenue: Every year the company makes revenue of 34.06 billion Euros.
Contact no: +34 913439200

Email: infogrupoacs@grupoacs

ACS is a Spanish company dedicated to civil and engineering construction, all types services and telecommunications. It is one of the leading construction companies in the world, with projects in many countries around the world. The company was founded in 1997 through the merger of OCP Construcciones, S.A. and Ginés Navarro Construcciones, S.A.. The group has a global presence, including countries like Germany, India, Brazil, Chile, Morocco and Australia.

Headquarters: Madrid, Spain

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Founder: Warren A. Bechtel
Founded in: 1898
Revenue: The annual revenue of $32.3 billion.
Contact no: +86 0213279 3900
What makes this company the best: It is named one the best company to work for. It is a global leader in the engineering procurement and construction industry.

Bechtel Corporation (Bechtel Group) is the largest construction and civil engineering company in the United States, and the 9th-largest privately owned American company in 2016.

Headquarters: San Francisco, California, United States

CEO: Bill Dudley (2014–)
CFO: Peter Dawson
Chief innovation officer: Steven Katzman (Manager Epc Functions
General counsel: Michael Bailey
Subsidiaries: Bechtel Jacobs, Marinship, Bechtel Corporation Angola


Founder: Gebruder Helfmann
Founded in: 1874, Frankfurt, Germany
Revenue: The Revenue of the company is €20.16 billion per annum.
Contact no: +04449004800

About the Company:

It is an international Company which is providing the best services in the field of transportation, energy, and mining projects over past 140 years.

Headquarters: Essen, Germany
CEO: Marcelino Fernandez Verdes (Nov 2012–)
Parent organization: Grupo ACS
Subsidiaries: CIMIC Group, Turner Construction, AviAlliance


Founder: Rudolf Fredrik Berg
Founded in: 1887
Revenue: The annual revenue of the company is $17.80 billion.
Contact no: +1 917 438 4500

About the Company:

The Company is involved in all the aspect of the company. The company provides the best working atmosphere to its employees. The company is famous for constructing Meadowlands Sports Complex, home to the NFL’s New York Jets and Giants.

Headquarters: Stockholm, Sweden
CEO: Johan Karlström (Apr 3, 2008–)

6)Balfour Beatty

Founder: Andrew Beatty and George Balfour
Founded in: 1909
Revenue: The annual income of the company is $11.09 billion.
Contact no: +60 3-7984 3175

About the company:

It is the world’s class infrastructure group which provides the best professional services, construction services, support service and with the best investment plans for infrastructures.

London, United Kingdom
CEO: Leo Quinn (Jan 1, 2015–)
Subsidiaries: Balfour Beatty Construction, Balfour Beatty Infrastructure, Inc., Balfour Beatty Rail, Inc.

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7)Bouygues Construction

Founder: F. Bouygues
Founded in: 1952
Revenue: The Company makes total revenue of 31.768 million Euros per annum

About the Company:

This Company is popular for its world’s best safety measures. Its make focus is ensure that their employees work in a safe environment. It provides the best training, seminars and performance incentives.

CEO: Philippe Bonnave (Mar 3, 2015–)

Parent organization: Bouygues


Founder: Peter Kiewit
Founded in: 1884
Revenue: The yearly revenue of the company is $12,338 million.
Contact no: (907) 222-9350

About the Company:

It is ranked one of the best construction company in the world because of it’s best services. The company invest more the $60 million a year for the training purpose.

Headquarters: Omaha, Nebraska, United States

CEO: Bruce E. Grewcock (Dec 2004–)

9)Royal BAM Group

Founder: Adam van der
Founded in: 1869
Revenue: The annual revenue of the company is 7.404 billion Euros.
Contact no: +31 (0)30 659 89 88

About the Company:

It is a successful European construction group. It is divided in two business lines: Construction and Property and Civil Engineering.

Bunnik, Netherland
CEO: Rob van Wingerden (Oct 1, 2014–)

10)Laing O’Rourke

Founder: Ray O’Rourke
Founded in: 1978
Revenue: The Company makes revenue of $3.25 billion per year.
Contact no: +61 8 8943 5200

What makes this company the best:

It is a British based Company and expanded all around the world. The company is working on several high profile projects in last few years. It is one the best company to work with, despite its less experience in comparison to others.

Headquarters: Dartford, United Kingdom

CEO: Ray O'Rourke KBE

Executive chairman: Jim Sloman (Australia Hub)

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