Biggest Building Failure Ever


Occurred on 24th April 2013, The Rana Plaza collapse or Savar building collapse is one of the deadliest man-made disaster and Structural failure in the world. About 1129 deaths and 2500 injuries are reported.

By Sharat Chowdhury 


  • The reason behind this incident is that, this 8-story building is meant for offices and shops whereas, it has used for factories by placing heavy machinery with discordant vibrations which caused the failure. It housed a number of garment factories employing around 5000 people, several shops and a bank.
  •  Also, it is claimed by the Bangladesh Fire service and civil defense Head that, the upper four floors are constructed without permission from the authorities.
  • Use of inadequate grades of construction materials also constituted to the collapse.
image source: terrifictop10

Bangladesh court charged 38 people with murder in this incident with Plaza owner Sohel Rana as a principal accuse. Of the 41 people charged, 35, including Rana, appeared before the court and pleaded not guilty, Mannan told reporters. The other six are fugitives and will be tried in absentia.

After this incident, in Bangladesh which is the second largest clothes exporter after China, a great demand arose for the safety norms in textiles industry and promoted safety checks that led to closure of many factories.

By Sean Robertson - Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0,
 Rana Plaza taken one year before the collapse
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