Dr. M Visvesvaraya-Civil Engineer Biog

Dr. M Visvesvaraya who was well known as a prominent Engineer, was also the originator of "Economic Planning" in India, the great industrialist, an able administrator, the educationist, a social worker, and likewise many contributions in various fields. Due to his prodigious contributions made in engineering, his birthday i.e 15th Sep is celebrated as Engineers Day in India.


Born:               15 September 1861 (Muddenahalli, British India)
Died:                12 April 1962 (aged 101) Bangalore, India
Nationality:     Indian
Religion:          Hinduism

Books by Dr. M.V. :
  • Reconstructing India (1917),
  • Planned Economy for India (1934),
  •  A.I.M.O Rapid Development of Industries,
  • Memoirs of working life (1951),Sayings wise and witty (1957),
  • A Brief Memoir of my Complete Working Life (1959).

Titles and Honors:

  • Received the title of C.I.E at the Delhi Darbar, 1911.
  • Received the title of K.C.I.E in 1915 after Viceroy's visit to Mysore.
  • Received Bharata Ratna Award in 1955. and many more......

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As an Engineer:

By securing first rank in Engineering in the Bombay University Examinations of 1883 (Age:23), he was appointed as an Assistant Engineer. Later within short span he got promoted to higher grades. He was assigned with many works which completed successfully like Poona and kirkee water supply, as a sanitary engineer in Bombay, Water supply kolhapur, etc.,

When he decided to retire from service and applied for leave preparatory to retirement, he received a letter from Secretary India Office, London  stating that the Nizams' Government had expressed their anxiety to secure his services to advice and assist in reconstruction of Hyderabad City. Hyderabad Drainage planning is a result of Sir M.V.'s meticulous work. He then worked as a Chief Engineer in Mysore. Thereafter he worked in many projects like Krishnaraja Sagar Dam, Extension of Railways, Bhatkal Harbour Project, Bombay City Corporation, Karachi Muncipality etc.,

M.V. receiving BHARATHA RATNA (Sep 7 1955)

As a MAN:

Mr. Visvesvaraya was a visionary, an idealist setting a high standard of Public and private morality, an able administrator, a great engineer, an economist far in advance of his time and above all a real patriot who was proud of our country and give us self confidence in our ability to do things.

Mr. Visvesvaraya was a human being of exemplary personal traits. He was a man of cultivated manners. He was abstentions in eating but fastidious in tastes. He was known for the scrupulous way he used to dress in western style, neatly and well. He was methodical and perfect in whatever he did.

Some of the Slogans of Sir M.V. :-

" Success in life, depends on action, that is on what you do rather than what you feel or think, and the price of success is hard work".

" No nation can be perfectly well governed till it is competent to govern itself".

" Do not give opinions on matters in which you are not proficient"..

"Contentment leads to stagnation".

" Life is always a predicament and the world constitutes a challenge, but a challenge that is opportunity for all of us".

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