National Green Tribunal bans construction work in Delhi for a week

The National Green Tribunal (NGT) has banned all the construction work going on in the city for a week. As the pollution in Delhi is in an exorbitant stage, Schools got shut down first and then the construction work.

To decrese the smog, construction activities are halted such as brick klins and stone crushers.The particulate matter has incresed manyfold surpassing prescribed limits due to increased pollution. The Delhi government to curb the heavy smog, sprayed water on roads. These measures may address the problem temporarily but it is not a feasible one.
image source: Wayne
"When pollution increases, first schools are shut down, when it becomes dangerous, construction activities etc., are shut down. When it comes even more hazardous, industries are shut down. When it comes lethal, the entire city is shut down," said the Chief Justice of India T.S.Thakur, addressing the government.
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