Wifi or Water ?????

Is it an instance to celebrate or to think about the other basic amenities to be provided?

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image source: Dailyhunt

This question arises if we look at the situation of Railway stations of Indian Railways where a commuter who is travelling through permanent way is unable to find minimum safe drinking water.

image source: Railwire
With an intention to extend internet services to 400 railway stations, RailTel corporation  in collaboration with the search engine godfather Google has started WiFi services in Jan 2016. Of the 100 station provision of WiFi by the end of Earth's complete revolution from Jan, they managed to provide for about 75 major stations.

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While reading the above stuff we seems to envisage that we are running towards better facilities and better tomorrow. But, the bitter fact is that our infrastructure is lacking basic amenities which are most important integral elements for better tomorrow.

An article published on Dailyhunt:
Water on railway platforms unfit to drink, has bacteria found in human excreta
(Even though article is way long back (2015)...but the safe drinking water problem still exists)

Last month I traveled throughout the East coast of Indian Railways and found out that there is a dearth for drinking water facilities. On the other hand, by using micro blogging site Twitter most efficiently Union Railway minister Suresh Prabhu taking actions with speedy surveillance.

image source: Twitter

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