Indian Burj khalifa-coming soon

The list of highest structures is going to be topped by a structure from India very soon.

image: Pixabay

The project which is planned to built in wasteland of Mumbai is going to be higher than the World's Highest Structure Burj Khalifa and the envisaged building will have green boulevard bigger than the Mumbai's marine drive.

These grand plans are part of a dream project of Nitin Gadkari, the union minister for Shipping, Road Transport and Highways, who sees the Mumbai Port Trust as the "richest landlord" of the city and wants to give a makeover to its huge swathes of industrial wasteland.

Image: CS
"In Mumbai, we are the number one landlord. The iconic Taj Hotel, the Ballard Estate, the Reliance building, we (MbPT) are the owners. There are beautiful plans to develop the huge land with the port," Gadkari told PTI.

Source: PTI
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