10 Interview Tips for Civil Engineers that makes a difference

Most of us feel nervous while facing an interview. Even after spending the whole night preparing the day before the interview, we sometimes lack confidence. What questions will the interviewer ask? How should I respond to a particular question? Asking him questions in return will make my chances low? ….We will be preoccupied by these questions.
Here are 10 Simple and Great things we can adapt so that our chances of getting selected in an interview will be doubled. These Tips will work for anyone and some are especially for Civil Engineering aspirants.


1. First Impression is the Best Impression

According to scientists, it takes fraction of seconds to get an opinion on someone after seeing that person. In Interviews, it is very crucial to make a good first impression. Greeting the interviewers, asking before having the seat, asking any doubts politely, etc., count on having an impression.

2. Honesty is the Best Policy

“Honesty is the best policy It is a quote by Benjamin Franklin. A lot of people try to please the interviewers by fallacy. But, if the situation arises for you, try this. Be honest. For example, If you do not know design and analysis and if the interviewer asks whether you know how to design a high-rise building or any structure, then “I do not know how to design but, I can design my time how to learn” will be the better answer rather than saying lies or pretending as if you know something.
Interviewers are interested in candidates who are willing to learn and improve rather than candidates who just cover-up the things. Be honest about everything like your grades, strengths, skills and if asked, weaknesses.


3. Under Vs Confidence Vs Over

Being Confident is the upmost parameter which decides the result of an interview. CONFIDENCE is the one personality trait which almost every interviewer look at. Even though, if you did not answer to the questions what interviewer posed or even if you have low academic performance, Your Confidence level is the one trait which turn your chances of cracking the interview upside down.
Be careful with the cogener of Confidence “The Over-Confidence” bug. Even though, at times if you feel like you are only one smartest guy in the room, don’t show it off to the interviewers.

4. The Technical Stuff Phobia

Here comes the complicated part of the interview, the Technical rounds. The very simple logic behind this monster-looking thing is, the interviewers never test you for advanced skillset. They only test you how you are good at the very basic concepts. Civil  Engineering is a vast subject and if you once dive into it, it seems like an ocean. So, it is best to concentrate on basics and fundamentals of civil (any sub stream) engineering while preparing for an interview.

Here are some Quick revising bites:

  1. Check out all IS codes and what they are used for
  2. Go through the testing procedure what you have performed in various labs like concrete technology, Geotechnical engineering, transportation engineering, surveying, etc
  3. Concrete Mix design
  4. Fundamentals of a building construction
  5. Contracting, tendering and other stages of construction

Bonus: Check this 10 Practical things every Civil Engineer must know to learn some basics.
Also, check the basics of civil engineering videos on Civil Scholar Youtube Channel.

5. The Group Parade

They say that, always take initiative in group discussions or panel interviews. But, will it make sense if you speak irrelevant or annoying things just because you spoke first. Taking initiative is a good thing to do but, take some time and prepare yourselves to talk more relevantly and with precision. It leaves an impression on the interviewer.

6. Speak about your passion

Interviewers look for the candidates who are passionate about doing something. If civil engineering is your passion then, don’t hesitate to express it to interviewers.
Even if your passion is not the present job what you are applying, try to narrate stories from your life about some passionate things what you have done. It conveys that, you will work hard for the things that matters to you.

7. Always wear a smile

Companies are made not just by one man. It is the collective effort of many individuals put together as teams. Wearing a smile symbolises the friendly nature of that person.It means you are more likely to work in a team that means you are more likely to get selected.
Caution: Don’t giggle for every single thing. It annoys interviewers.

8. Dress like the president

Dress like the first citizen of the country. A President is the representative of the country so as you want to become a part of company or organisation, dress well to show them that your representation of their company will be just fine.

9. Communication

Communication skills is the major one among the skills set required by the candidate. Remember 3C for C (Communication). Speak Clearly, Concisely and Confidently.

interview tips

10. Never miss the Eye

Eye contact explains how confident and communicative you are. So, never miss eye contact of the person who is interviewing.

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