India: the global host of World Environmental Day 2018

World Environment Day (WED) is witnessed every year on June 5 with different themes. Started in 1973 with a mission to increase Environmental awareness globally, it is now being spread to 143 nations and more. Last year, Canada hosted the event with a theme “Connecting People to Nature – in the city and on the land, from the poles to the equator”. This year, India will be the global host for WED.

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The history

1972 is the year in which global nations turned their eye onto Environmental issues. From 5-16 June, 1972 a conference was held to discuss the human impact on environment and the measures to be undertaken. Later that year of Stockholm Conference, the UN general Assembly designated JUNE 5 as World Environmental Day and urges its nations to strive for global awareness on environmental issues and take actions accordingly.

India and the WED

India hosted the World Environmental Day previously in 2011 with a theme of “Forests: Nature at your service”. The importance of forests for the existence of human life is emphasized.

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Ministry of Forests, Environment and Climate Change of India invites people to design a logo for WED 2018

A time of 15 days was given from the date of advertisement to design and submit the logo for World Environment Day 2018 by Ministry of Forests, Environment and Climate change. The advertisement was released on 8th February 2018.
See the advt here

Here is what you contribute from your side to make this world a better way: 5 ways of contributing to saving Mother Earth




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